TD Bank presents tips on winter driving

(NC) — Walking in a winter wonderland may be dreamy, but driving in winter is a different story. According to TD Insurance, snow on the road means an increase in auto insurance claims.

While the no-fail strategy for staying safe in frightful winter weather is to avoid the roads altogether, this isn't always an option. Many Canadians get creative to solve winter driving woes—for example, using their sleeves to clean off their windshield—but is that the best solution?

Henry Blumenthal, Vice President and Chief Underwriter, TD Insurance, offers his top tips to help Canadian drivers weather the storm—and avoid unwanted insurance claims—this winter:

• Pack an emergency driving kit—Your winter driving emergency kit should include a snow shovel and brush, window scraper, booster cables, a candle and matches, and a blanket. Kitty litter is a good alternative to help you gain traction on ice if unexpected weather hits before you buy road salt.

• Invest in winter tires—Properly inflated, high quality winter tires will give you best traction on winter roads and can increase fuel efficiency. Check tire pressure often, especially before any highway driving.

• Be prepared—Check the road conditions before you head out and give yourself extra time to get where you need to go., an online resource dedicated to safe driving, offers articles on a variety of topics related to road safety, an RSS feed with the latest news, road conditions and weather, and tips for safe driving.

• Don't miss your auto annual checkup—Take your car in to be serviced to ensure things like the battery, lights and brakes are functioning well. It's also a good time to call your insurer and review your auto insurance policy to make sure you have the right amount of coverage.


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