How to keep kids busy during school break

(NC) — Is the thought of having the kids home for the break stressing you out? Follow these tips to keep them busy and let you rest easy:

1. Get out of the house. Experts say kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. So be sure to build a 'recess' in to those long days at home. Choose a destination and walk there together. Spend time at the park. Or head to a local indoor playground if the weather is bad.

2. Rely on the Rec Center. Your local rec center is a great resource during school breaks. And the varied programming offers something for everyone, from arts and crafts to sports to music to swimming.

3. Make meal time a family affair. Don't sweat it out in the kitchen alone all week. Plan a menu for meals ahead of time and get the kids involved. Be prepared with pizza dough and toppings and have them make-their-own. Pour over recipe books together and work as a team to prepare dinner. Or bake muffins and healthy snacks to keep the junk food at bay.

4. Settle on some screen time. You know they're going to want time on the computer – so agree to a daily number in advance. But if you're concerned that what they're doing on line is not constructive – come prepared. is a Canadian company that just launched a new craft line called Make+Print Your Own Stickers. Sold at retail, it offers kids a creative online playground to design personalized stickers and print them instantly at home. The fun is two-fold. Kids spend hours creating online for hours of play offline when they're done.

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