Canadians get 1 million dollar grants with healthy living

(NC) — Recreation and leisure programs that support active lifestyles in Canadian communities have up to $1 million in grant money available in 2012, with the introduction of a new program, Molson Coors Community Cheer. All community projects are encouraged to apply to the program and encourage members of their community to vote for a chance to secure funding.

“We hear stories year-round from community leaders and employees about initiatives that need financial support, but who are unsure on how to secure the funds. Our goal with Community Cheer is to help to get these great ideas off the ground,” says Ferg Devins, chief of public affairs for Molson Coors. “This is a way for people to effect real change in their communities—and all it takes is a click on for your voice to be heard.”

Until January 5, groups can apply for a Community Cheer donation at The application process is open to initiatives that aim to bring people together to be physically active, such as the construction or improvement of sports and recreation facilities or any program that encourages physical activity.

Applicants who meet all specified criteria will receive a project page, and that's when the cheering begins. From January 6, 2012 to February 1, 2012, Canadians will be able to “cheer,” or vote online, for projects that they would like to see receive funding. Any initiatives that receive 225 cheers from supporters will be eligible for funding.

Successful recipients of funding will be announced on March 1, and a minimum of 20 projects will receive funding in 2012. Additionally, Molson Coors will host local celebration parties for all recipients to thank supporters and give cheers to healthy, active communities.


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