Personal Finance: How much can you save every day?


(NC)—It's amazing how we spend money sometimes without thinking about it. How many of us have tucked a $10 bill in our pockets in the morning only to discover that it's gone by the end of the day?

Imagine adding up all the money you spend on little things here and there and seeing what you could have been saving instead.

Now you can, thanks to a new online calculator developed by Industry Canada. The calculator helps Canadians track their everyday expenses and calculate how much money they could be saving if they invested that money instead of spending it.

Saving just $10 a day over 25 years can really add up.

If you want a snapshot of what you could be saving, go to the My Expenses calculator on the Industry Canada website at All you do is enter your daily, weekly or monthly expenses, choose how much you can cut back in percentages, and at what interest rate you think you could invest, and the calculator will instantly forecast your savings over one to 25 years. You would be amazed at how quickly that $10 can become thousands of dollars.

Give the calculator a try. After all, what have you got to lose? As a wise old penny pincher once said, “You have to see it to dream it.”


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