Personal Finance: Online calculators turn spenders into savers


(NC) — One of the reasons people get into trouble with money these days is that they lose track of their spending—not because they're irresponsible, but because it's just so quick and easy to buy things. Swipe here, click there. Approved. But unless you're a walking filing cabinet, staying on top of your purchases can be difficult.

If this is something you can relate to, you might want to bookmark Industry Canada's new Spending Smarter calculators at

These calculators are great. You can add up your spending and see how much you could be saving today or in the long run, just by cutting back even a few dollars a day. You can also see if you can afford to buy a home based on what you spend on rent each month. The calculators even take interest rates into account to give you a more accurate picture. The feedback is instant, which is great for those of us who have no patience for spreadsheets.

Although nothing can replace a good old-fashioned budget, these calculators are a great first step. There are two calculators to choose from: Rent or Buy and My Expenses. With so many ways to spend our money nowadays, it pays to be strategic with how we spend it.


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