Weddings: Best Man Speeches -- Top Five Questions Answered

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Being selected as a best man is awesome. It means that you mean a lot to the groom and are the one guy that he wants to play a major role in his special day. However, giving a best man speech is another story. Writing a best man speech can be a daunting task for many men. They want to do it right and not mess it up, but often aren’t quite sure what is right. Well, never fear, the purpose of this article is to answer the top five questions related to best man speeches and which are as follows.

What would be the opening lines?

What are the main topics to include in the speech and which are the ones to avoid?

How do I make my best man speech funny?

How long my best man speech should be?

How do I conclude my speech?

So let’s start with the opening lines or introduction. The most difficult part of writing a best man speech is usually starting it; once you get going it’s not usually as tough. When trying to come up with the right words for an introduction, remember that best man speeches should always be complementary. For example, it is essential to thank the groom for selecting you as his best man. It’s also important to compliment the bride and propose a special toast to her; her parents, and possibly also her grandparents as well, if they are in attendance. This is all really that is essential in the introduction part of a best man speech. Now, it’s time to get to the meat of the speech.

This next part of the best man speech is the unique part, the part that will be most memorable to the groom and those in attendance. This is the part that usually makes best man speeches so difficult to write. To get started, don’t worry so much. Think about why the groom is a great guy and go from there. Talk about him, how you know him, your experiences together, etc., always focusing on positive attributes.

Next, think of a particular story or anecdote from the past that is either funny or telling of who the groom is as a man. Bringing up an embarrassing moment or two is fine, as long as it is not too embarrassing. It’s good idea to not involve any words that talk about the grooms past relationships or his interactions with other women that he may have been more than friends with or especially interested in, in the best man speech. Light-hearted childhood, high school, or college memories are generally very fitting for best man speeches and are generally taken in with a chuckle by those in attendance. This is the part of the speech where these memories should be included. It’s always a great idea to include at least something funny, getting those in attendance to laugh at some point during the best man speech can really make it special and something the groom and his bride will always remember.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to include the story of when he first met his bride or when he first told you that she was the woman he wanted to marry in the best man speech. You can talk about any changes that occurred in him after this. Since these changes are almost always positive, this is something that should be included in all best man speeches. This should make the groom, his bride, and others in attendance all feel good and positively add to the celebration of marriage. People like to hear about how the couple fell in love and what led up to their marriage, the special day that they are all here celebrating.

Actually when you start thinking, you may generate many, many ideas. This is great, but make sure you narrow these ideas down. You want a memorable best man speech, but not one that goes on forever. Ideally, the main part of the best man speech should probably be five to seven minutes in length, where as the introduction and wrap-up should both be no more than a couple of minutes in length. And that toasting generally doesn’t take more than I mean it to make. So, best man speeches that fall within these length guidelines are generally the most effective, as far as the length of the speech is concerned.

After getting through the meat of the best man speech, it’s now time to wrap it up. This is probably the easiest part of writing best man speeches. Basically in the wrap up, you should thank the groom again for selecting you as the best man, offer the new couple some positive and constructive advice, and congratulate the couple, and offer them your best wishes. The best way to end the best man speech is usually by proposing a toast to the couple. This is something greatly appreciated and usually expected by those in attendance.

Hopefully in this article you have found answers to your questions regarding best man speeches that will help you in writing and giving a great best man speech.

Best man speeches may seem difficult to write at first but as you get going they are not that bad. You know the groom and think he is a great guy, so take that and run with it. You’ll do just fine, worrying is not necessary. The groom and his bride are honored for you to be a part of their special day. As long as you focus on the positive and keep your speech at a reasonable length, it will be memorable and greatly appreciated by all.

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