Weddings: WedNees lauches new Indian directory

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WedNeeds, the rapidly growing Indian wedding portal, recently launched its wedding directory. Soon after the launch, the portal has started listing local wedding businesses including function halls, marriage bureau, wedding caterers, boutiques, bridal & groom wear outlets etc in Hyderabad.

According to company CEO, Mr. Ateeq Khan, WedNeeds intends to provide a dynamic and a detailed advertising platform for wedding businesses. When asked about the responses from local business, the Ateeq said, "the response has been overwhelming so far and they have instantly signed up few businesses in all their categories."

He said, local businesses have been craving for online traction for quite some time and few big companies in the industry are facing real challenges in providing adequate traction to its clients because they cater multiple different businesses. Whereas WedNeeds tends to focus primarily on wedding niche which would help them in providing better value, traction to its clients.

The company, however, doesn't plan to open the directory for visitors for another few weeks. Mr. Khan said, while focusing on the end-user, who intends to get easy access to wedding-relation-solutions, WedNeeds also intends to be really valuable to its clients by offering a extensive information on each business listing.

Each listing would have 5 pages namely Profile, About, Photo, View Map and any other page as requested by the client. Every listing would also contain a widget of Facebook wherein, the users of the businesses can interact and discuss their experience with that particular listing and a "View Map" section that can be used to locate the business location.


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