Canadian pennies make comeback for charity

(NC) — We all thought the discarded penny had seen its last legs when it was selected to be discontinued earlier this year. Canadians wondered what they would now do with all these pennies that had accumulated in the bottom of dresser drawers, jars or their child's piggy bank over the years.

Thankfully, these pennies can be put to good use thanks to an innovative Breast Cancer fundraising initiative from AVON, in partnership with Scotiabank, called the “Every Penny Counts” campaign.

Canadians are once again being asked to roll their pennies for the cause and drop them off at any Scotiabank branch across Canada where they will be deposited into a special Every Penny Counts bank account. Money raised will be donated to Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada to ensure that every Canadian has access to free breast cancer support services.

The campaign was first launched last year and the results were astounding. Penny events and roll-a-thons were held in communities across the country. Everyone, from young children to seniors gathered up their small change to make a big change for Willow. In three short months, from July to October 2011, the campaign raised over 21,000,000 pennies, or $210,000 to benefit Willow's free peer support services.

In 2012, an estimated 23,600 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. From the moment they receive their diagnosis, and throughout their personal breast cancer journey, Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada will remain a constant source of emotional support, information and encouragement.

Based on the fundraising program's success in 2011, the plan is to keep the pennies rolling as the programs' dedicated account #80002 06366 14 will remain open throughout the year so that Canadians can continue to drop off their rolled coins and cash donations giving their pennies a second life.

What makes the “Every Penny Counts” campaign so innovative is its simplicity and accessibility explained Elizabeth Munro, Corporate Communications at Avon Canada. “Unlike other fundraising campaigns, this one doesn't require participants to complete a physical task or seek pledges to raise funds. People of all ages can participate to help the cause.

Coin wrappers are available online for download at and websites. You can follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as the web site


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