Wedding Best Man Speeches: Do's and Donts - Seventeen Tips

For anybody intending to give a best man speech, it is important to be aware of the "Best Man Speeches Do's and Don’ts" - the things you need to do in order to make a successful best man speech and things that you need to stay away from. You must understand that best man speeches are a very popular source of entertainment for weddings today. The more suitable you can make the best man speech for the occasion, the better.

There are several items that should be included in best man speeches, and several that should always be left out. We will start with those that are necessary for best man speeches! So, here are the "Best Man Speech Do's" for you -

1. Begin your best man speech with a proper introduction of yourself.

2. Make sure you speak in a loud and clear voice so that the guests sitting at the remotest corners of the hall could hear you properly.

3. Speak in a very delightful way so that the audience could apprehend that you are enjoying making your speech.

4. Best man speeches are anticipated to be funny. But go for funny best man speeches only if you believe you have a good sense of humour and deliver the humour in your speech most appropriately.

5. Always include a memory that the best man and groom have experienced together, preferably one that will entertain the audience and make them laugh.

6. Mention the bride and how compatible they are together, and why you feel this is. Just try to make it interesting and entertaining.

7. Look back and forth from your audience to your wedding party so that everyone feels like they are a part of your speech, and are right there sharing that experience with you.

8. Thank the bridesmaids as well as your fellow groomsmen.

9. Propose a toast at the end of your best mans speech to make it official!

10. Make sure your best man speech is polite and respectful to everybody.

These items are staples that must be included in any best man speech. But, while there are necessary items, there also come items that need to be avoided at all costs! Pay close attention to them, because you will be kicking yourself if the audience is yawning all the way through your speech!

11. Never be sappy! Men and women alike expect men to be funny and entertaining. Therefore, if you tell some sappy love story as your speech, the interest will be lost.

12. Do not cry or get overly sentimental! When you weep during the best man speech, you look silly, and as aforementioned, you will look sappy! So, try your hardest to keep a straight face, no matter how close you are with the groom!

13. Leave out lame jokes that don't work from your speech.

14. Similarly avoid obnoxious comments and jokes that are way too much embarrassing at any cost. A wedding is a joyous occasion and everybody will be there to celebrate the marriage - your speech must not spoil the celebration.

15. Ideally, best man speeches shouldn't go over 10 minutes by any means (including the toasting part). There will be other speakers waiting for their turns and long speeches often turn out to be boring speeches.

16. Never try to steal the spotlight from the wedding couple by exaggerating about yourself - it's essentially their big day, not yours!

17. Make sure that you are sober enough to tell your best man speech as you had planned it, and not be sidetracked by your alcohol consumption, causing you to say things that were not thought out!

By avoiding these "Best man Speech Don'ts" you will be on your way to having the greatest best man speech ever written! Now let's discuss in detail a few more important points that you should consider while making best man speeches.

Also, before you begin, assess your audience. Are they the kind of people who will appreciate the type of humour you are planning to use, or should you keep that to a minimum? For example, if you have a crowd full of older folks, you may want to tone down on any humour in your best mans speech that may hint at sex, alcohol, etc. But, if the majority of your audience would be younger couples, then they would most likely be more open to this kind of humour.

Discuss with your groom what he would prefer, or at least consider the kind of person he is. Is he the type that would appreciate what you are putting into your best mans speech, or would he be against your plan? This is extremely important, as you do not want to let down the person who asked you to be in this position in the first place! On a day like this, no one wants any unpleasant surprises, especially in the best man speech, as they are merely wanting to focus on the day itself!

Another thing that is crucial to the success of your best mans speech is creating a rough draft and practice, practice, practice! Write down all of your thoughts and then create a draft of your speech so that you can physically see what you will be saying. By doing this, you are unable to forget anything that you may want to include, and are much more likely to have a successful best man speech! Also, once this draft is complete, you will need to practice! Pretend that you are in front of your audience and give your speech several times until you feel extremely comfortable. Preferably, comfortable enough to be able to give the speech from memory!

When it comes time to give your best man speech, just think back to your practice speeches and take hold of your confidence! As long as you have that confidence, nothing can stand in your way! So, gather your courage, practice all that you can, and go to that wedding fully prepared to blow everyone away! And once you have taken all of this into consideration, and followed through with it, I guarantee you that your best mans speech will be an awesome, one of a kind hit! Best of luck on your endeavour!

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