Cameron Diaz discusses sex, acting and fitness

Cameron Diaz is a real beauty with brains. Still, she manages to look as beautiful as she was in the past. The sizzling actress seems to defy the aging process. She can be seen running along the Malibu shore for more than 10 years. Wow, this girl really knows how to keep her body in real shape. She still manages to look pretty and healthy even at this age of 40. How does she do that?

When Cameron Diaz was asked about her secrets, she shares some of them as published in the December Issue of “Elle UK” magazine. She reckons her healthy glow as a result of healthy diet and regular exercise. The actress who is quite known for her healthy body, perfectly toned skin and bright smile is all ready to launch a new book about healthy lifestyle and eating habits, especially aimed at teenagers.

When she was questioned on what burns more calories; 30 minutes of dance or 30 minutes of sex? The actress responded with a naughty cheeky laugh. Revealing her secret of witness, she explains, “Depends on what kind of sex you’re having,” she told the magazine. “Try ‘em both! Do them both on the same day, that’s what I say!”

Telling the magazine more about her book, she explains,
"It's not about what I eat or do what I do. It's really about the information, so that young girls and women can look at it and make their own choices. I'm excited about my discipline [which revolves around] a protein, a grain and a green. It's not a limitation to me; it opens up my life to so many opportunities."

Wow, this really makes a good piece of advice by our pretty lady.

It’s always something good that we expect from Cameron Diaz!

So, share your thoughts and let us know your secrets to remain healthy and active.


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