Dieting: Five steps to sucess

Most women consider that doing diet is for thinner body, not a healthy body. It can lead to wrong diet methods and may result on malnutrition. Check out these tips below and you will find that being in a diet is not like being in a concentration camp.

First Step

Classify those high-calorie foods that you usually consume and replace them with low-calories munchies to substitute. “Protein is a must in each snack and meal,” stated Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman.

Second Step

Routine exercise, at least fifteen minutes to half-an hour each day is not counterintuitive. Exercise is not for punishing ourselves for earning ‘the right’ to consume more.

Third Step

Eating slowly is very helpful in reducing pounds. If you eat too fast, you do not let the brain identify when your stomach is already full as the process takes for about fifteen minutes.

Fourth Step

Monitoring the progress by recording all of snacks and meals in the food record. Compare them with the goals that you have set at the beginning. Weigh your body weight daily each day at the same time and scale.

Fifth Step

Never give up too soon. Many people fail to reach their goals for giving up too soon. Some people are tempted to have instant ways in losing weight though this is impossible.



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