Gold Toilets, bottomless floors, one-way mirrors

(Bhaskhar News) -- Many of us spend on decorating our kitchens and bedrooms, we do not even consider decorating the toilets when it comes to home improvements. From the toilet that costs £3 million to the toilet with a bottomless floor – shows the creativity people have put into designing and creating the toilets. According to Daily Mail, “Among the eye catching examples is a space toilet, complete with a vacuum flush that pulls waste away from the astronaut's body, The intergalactic privy, which is to be found at Tokyo's Engineering Museum of Innovation, also has a royal fan in the shape of the Prince of Wales who inspected it during a visit to Japan in 2008. Although the Far East leads the way when it comes to eye catching toilets, courtesy of one Hong Kong store's £3million gold toilet encrusted with jewels, there are plenty of creative commodes closer to home. Across the Channel in Paris is the Sanisette, a self-cleaning public restroom. After a patron exits the restroom, a 60-second wash cycle begins inside the toilet, and the toilet fixture itself is scrubbed and disinfected automatically.” According to Daily Mail, “In London, the most striking entry into the toilet hall of fame is architect Monica Bonvicini's spectacular creation made from one-way glass which sits outside the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Initially intended for use in prisons, the designer bog lets you take in your surroundings while dealing with your bodily necessities in peace. Another technically advanced throne is the 'Egg Pod' toilet found in the bathroom of London restaurant, Sketch. Guests at the celebrity hangout can climb into little egg shaped capsules in order to complete their business.” The Sega 'Toylets' found in Tokyo are the unusual come with games that you can play aiming urine at a pressure sensor located at the back of the urinal. To read the detailed report, click here…


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