How to cool down those household bills this summer

(NC) — Most people think about natural gas for heating their homes in the winter, but did you know that the fuel is also doing its part to help Ontarians keep their cool during the dog days of summer?


According to statistics from Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), on the hottest days of Summer 2012, natural gas' ability to quickly dial up to generate electricity for homes across the province was critical to meeting demand. For 2013, a repeat performance is likely, just as soon as the inevitable heat wave rolls in, kicking air conditioners into high gear.


“Most Ontarians may not know that natural gas is the second largest source of electricity supply in the province's energy mix,” said Matthew Gibson, a spokesperson for the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance. “With low fuel costs and lower emissions, natural gas can affordably and reliably back up renewable power on those hot and humid days when our air conditioners are working overtime.”


According to experts, here are a few things to do at home to help realize the most savings for your family this summer:


Get with the program


A programmable thermostat allows your home to automatically adjust to your schedule, increasing or decreasing the amount of air conditioning with pre-set temperatures based on your needs. It means not having to fiddle with the thermostat before you leave the house every morning. Even better, you're covered on those busy days when setting the temperature is the last thing on your mind.


Inspect the hardware


In the summer, your air conditioning unit needs as much TLC as the furnace does in the winter. That means getting outside to make sure it's clear of leaves and debris that might otherwise affect its ability to cool your home. Keep it clean and it'll keep you cool.



Shut windows tight


In the winter, a cold draft in the house is an unwelcome guest. You should think the same of leaks and open windows during the summertime that prevent your home from cooling itself as efficiently as possible. When the air conditioning is on, shut windows and doors tight, because any openings are letting cool air escape—and your savings along with it.


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