Survival tips for living car-free

(NC) -- You've worked hard all week and the last thing you want to worry about is how you're getting from Point A to Point B. No car? No problem. In fact, there are many options to get where you need to go.

“Owning a car, or multiple cars, isn't the most practical option for everyone,” says Randal Narike, senior vice president at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. “There are many transportation options for those who want to travel, have a social life, and run errands that provide an alternative to owning and maintaining a vehicle.”

Here are three ways you can live comfortably, without buying a car:

• Bike sharing: Urban dwellers can get a daily dose of fresh air (and exercise, too) by participating in local bike-sharing programs, or by sharing two-wheeled transport with a friend or neighbour.

• Virtual car: When you need to go a little further afield or require more convenience, consider a rental car. Renting a car several times a year, when you need one, will save you more money than owning one. For a fun weekend getaway, look into a short-term car rental and allow yourself to escape.

• Public transportation: Most communities have some sort of public transportation, whether it be a bus, subway or streetcar. Transit is a reliable option for commuting to work or travelling about town--and it's great for the environment, too.

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