Education: How to set-up a connected homework space

Where your kids complete their schoolwork and how you design this space can play a big role in their learning and productivity. More than ever, students have extra assignments to complete at home, so it's important for families to set up a connected homework space to ensure their kids have the tools to be successful. 

“Creating a welcoming space that's comfortable and flexible can help your child establish good homework habits that will last a lifetime,” says Stephanie Lancaster, tech advisor at Rogers. “As with any good habit, starting early and staying consistent are key.”

To help your children thrive this school year, here are some tips on creating a connected homework space:

• Set a daily time for homework. Depending on your family's schedule, the best time might be right after school or after dinner. 

• Access to a secure Wi-Fi home network. Printing documents or saving presentations on an external drive is easier when all of your devices are connected on one network. Technical support services, like Rogers TechXpert are available to help set up your Wi-Fi connection and ensure you've secured your network correctly. 

• Be flexible with different work stations around the house. With connected tablets and laptops, kids can setup a homework space in any location of the house accessible to the Wi-Fi connection, making it easy to move from the kitchen to the home office. 

• Complete your paperwork at the same time. Try to spend part of homework time sitting next to your child catching up on your own paperwork so that your child feels like he has a homework buddy working along side him.


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