Halloween costumes:Top Five Trendiest

(NC) -- Halloween isn't just for the kids. Pets are joining in the ghoulish fun too. Designers like Disney and Martha Stewart are whipping up some fabulous costume options for them, so if you want to get your pets involved, here are some of the top options exclusive to popular retailer, PetSmart:

Disney Pet Halloween: If you love the Disney classics, keep an eye out for this year's new additions, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Buzz Lightyear and Nemo costumes, which means your dog can be your kid's sidekick.

Martha Stewart Pets: Purveyor of good taste and creativity, Martha Stewart has created a selection of fun costumes ranging from pirates to pink dragons.

Marvel Superheroes: With the rise of superhero blockbusters, dressing up your little adventurer as a crime fighter is more popular than ever.

DC Superheroes: Not to be outdone, DC has also launched costumers for the Justice League fans in your home. Is one of the kids dressing up as Batman this year? Why not create a crime fighting duo by dressing up the family dog as Robin?

Guinea Pig Costumes: Whether it's a wicked witch or a plump pumpkin, guinea pigs are no longer left out of the fun, taking costumes to a new level of cuteness.

More costume ideas are available at www.petsmart.com.


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