Gadgets: Five Ideas to make your Life Easier: The Lazy Person's Guide

Let’s be honest here, none of us want to do more work than we have to. We want to be able to go about our daily activities with minimal effort and maximum impact, allowing us more personal time to get on with things we are actually interested in doing. After a busy day in the office or working at home, everyone just wants to sit down, relax and unwind, right? However, there are always those niggling things you (or more commonly your flatmate / spouse) wants to get done around the house. If you are bored of chores then we have the perfect solutions for you, with great gadgets to make your everyday life that little bit easier.


Mobile phones come to mind when talking about making your life easier. Who can live even a day without their phone? Phone data has never been more high tech or more widely used, and there are literally thousands of fantastic apps available to download on to your smart phone at the touch of a button. These apps make life much easier for the individual who just doesn't want to make an effort. What about the app that runs a bath for you? – We love the sound of this one! With the right phone, contract and coverage, you can also have remote control access to your TV, home lighting and heating to name but a few. Of course, getting the right data plan is important to get the most out of these apps, so you can stay connected even when in remote parts of the country on holiday or travelling when usually you wouldn’t be able to complete important tasks. Companies like for instance, give you the chance to gain more coverage so you can stay in control wherever you are and keep connected to lazy-person-apps when on the go.


Talking of lazy, finally comes the gadget that we have all been waiting for the self-making bed. Straight from a star trek movie, this very real, and not to mention ingenious invention, is something that school children and adults alike will give thanks for - for many years to come. The self making bed mechanically straightens your sheets and covers and plumps and straightens your pillows in an impressive 50 seconds to a superb standard. The bed has a manual function that will only operate on your command and for the even more forgetful (or unwilling) among us an automatic function that will make the bed as soon as it has been vacant for three seconds or more, meaning that untidy beds and messy bedsheets are a thing of the past.


Of course, while in bed there is nothing more annoying than having to get up to find your remote control for the TV once you have gotten warm and comfortable. So to combat this unfortunate inconvenience, why not invest in the futuristic gesture controls that make your hand the remote control? Using the latest EyeSight technology, your TV unit will detect movements made in front of it so that you can change channels or adjust volume with a simple point and wave, thus making the humble remote control somewhat obsolete.


But for some, even laying in bed watching TV can be an arduous task, as the activity usually requires the watcher to at least be laying propped up on pillows if not sitting upright. If you want to be truly comfortable and fully reclined while watching your favourite programmes, then the imaginative LazyGlasses are for you. These simple to use glasses are equipped with angled mirrors that allow you to lie flat on your back as you watch TV or read without getting the irritating neck or arm strain. There truly is a gadget for everything to allow you the ability to sit back and do what we all love to do every now and again: absolutely nothing!


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