Fire Prevention 101: Protect yourself from tragedy

(NC) – According to Fire Prevention Canada, on average eight Canadians die from fire every week despite the fact that fewer fire losses are reported in Canada. The non-profit organization has put together the following key fire safety tips to help Canadians protect themselves from such tragedy.

Tip 1: Prevent cooking accidents Taking precautions to prevent cooking fires will significantly help protect your family and home against fire. Cooking related fires are the No. 1 cause of home fires in Canada, resulting in many deaths and hundreds of injuries each year according to Fire Prevention Canada. Don't leave cooking appliances unattended when in use and be very cautious when cooking with oil. All cooking fires are preventable, so remember to select the proper heat for the food being prepared and keep your stove top clean and clear at all times.

Tip 2: Prevent smoking accidents Smoking is another significant source of home fires. In fact, Fire Prevention Canada states that careless smoking is the leading cause of home fire deaths. A smoker falling asleep in an upholstered chair or bed is the most common occurrence. Never smoke or allow someone to smoke when they are under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs.

Tip 3: Get a monitored smoke detector Lastly, having a monitored smoke detector will alert you to the presence of fire and smoke, giving you crucial notification to escape if needed. Smoke alarms are the first line of defense against a deadly fire, asserts Fire Prevention Canada. The sound of a smoke alarm is your warning to leave the building. By developing a fire escape plan and practicing it often, you will be prepared to react correctly if a fire strikes.

It's crucial however to ensure that your smoke detector is functional. According to Patrice De Luca, V.P. of Marketing and Customer Care for Reliance Protectron Security Services, 41% of residential fires where the smoke alarm did not operate, the problem was due to the battery. “Smoke detectors can save lives, especially if they're connected to a Reliance Protectron monitoring centre, because when the alarm sounds in your home, our monitoring centre is immediately notified,” he explained. Monitored smoke detectors also eliminate the worry of having to remember to replace the batteries. More information on fire prevention is available at and


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