Primping your pet for the pawfect holiday photo

(NC) — Our holiday snapshots and portraits are never complete without the family pet, so why not take that extra step to help your cat or dog look fabulously festive for their seasonal snapshot?

To get your pet looking picture-pawfect Purina is partnering with master groomer Cheryl McNaughten, to offer the following insider techniques:

Primp my paws

• Be sure to always de-mat your dog before washing him or her; if you wash a matted dog the fur tends to “felt” and get worse.

• Brush out your pet's hair as you blow dry their coat (always on a low setting) to give even the curliest poodle a straight 'do.

• Feel free to use all-natural and pet friendly styling products to help shape your pooch's hair into a desired style.

Make me sparkle

For those more daring pets and pet owners, McNaughten recommends adding some doggie dazzle including:

• Festive frosted tips – dogs with lighter hair can be dyed using powdered drink crystals to add colour. Never use permanent or real hair dyes.

• Consider holiday nails – paint your dog's paws a festive green and red. Be sure to use natural, pet-friendly nail polish in case your pooch bites his nails.

• Permanent holiday décor – shave a holiday shape like a star into your dog's fur.

If your pet doesn't have the patience for beautification, consider a festive accessory like reindeer antlers or a red ribbon for that added holiday touch.

Now that your four legged friend is fancy and looking fabulous, it's time for them to make their mark. This year, Canadians are invited to submit their favourite pet photos to The dogs and cats with the most votes have the chance to be featured on the Purina Wonderfur Winter holiday treats package next year.


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