Personal Finance: Steer clear of insurance hassles

(NC) -- Your laptop, smartphone and tablet put the world of commerce at your fingertips, so it's second nature to jump online and purchase just about anything. But while that might be ideal when shopping for commodities or easy-to-return items, you may want to reconsider the online purchasing of insurance for your property, vehicle or business.

As you contemplate what makes the most sense for you, here is some food for thought about the benefits of having a broker:

Expertise – Few people who work outside insurance are experts on the topic. Insurance is extremely complex, so having an unbiased expert in your corner can make all the difference. A broker can also help you decide whether to make a claim if you're not sure how your policy or premiums might be affected.

Tailored Recommendations – There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Relying solely on independent research could cause you to miss out on valuable discussions leading to better coverage. If you are insuring more than one thing – for example your home, cottage and business – a broker can help you find an insurer that will rate and address your complex needs as a cohesive whole.

Time – Shopping for insurance can be both time consuming and tedious, so think of your broker like a personal shopper. He or she will also take the time to go to bat for you if you need to make a claim, or if you're experiencing any challenges with your insurance.

Additional Discounts –Insurance brokers have access to discounted rates that are not open to the general public, bringing the benefits of scale. Because they are obligated to search for the best deals, you can be sure that their recommendations are reliable and reputable.

“A broker can also ensure that you get the best deals from your insurer like discounts for “multi-line” coverage such as more than one property, vehicle, or valuable belonging,” says Tony Hayes, the vice president of sales and marketing for RSA Insurance.”

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