Shopping: Avoid loyalty program overload

(NC) -- With so many to choose from, how can Canadians expect to know which loyalty program is right for them? Indeed, without accessible information about these programs, many consumers may not be selective enough in which ones they choose to join.

A new online tool is now available to help bring clarity to this confusion at By simply inputting important details like personal shopping habits, location, and the type of rewards preferred, this free online tool will provide a personal list of loyalty programs that will get consumers rewards faster.

This easy-to-use, accessible resource is based on new proprietary research conducted by Environics Research Group; it was built to offer a more well-rounded way in which to assess the true value of loyalty programs in Canada and will be updated as new programs enter the market. Sixty-one of the most popular loyalty programs and their affiliated credit cards are currently cross-compared based on how quickly a member can get to their chosen rewards goal, whether it is long or short-haul travel, merchandise or cash-equivalent rewards.

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