Health: The best New Year's resolution

(NC) --  It's no secret that we often tend to lose our battle against the scale during the holiday season. Seduced by one delicious feast after another, many cast aside their healthy eating habits, as they feel they have earned the right to treat themselves over this period. This idea sets in as soon as the first decadent dish hits the table. Year after year, as the holidays draw to a close, we find ourselves with a few extra pounds and lots of good intentions for those New Year's resolutions.

Achieving our new objectives

After the New Year's festivities, it's time to kick start our resolutions and renew our fitness program. In order to ensure this reintegration in our daily routine is a success, the key is to take things one step at a time. Why not start with simple actions? At the office, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk short distances instead of taking your car. Yoga is also an excellent choice, as it has several beneficial effects on overall health, such as resistance to fatigue, as well as improved blood pressure, digestion and blood flow. The goal here is to reintroduce physical activity gradually to avoid extreme fatigue and a loss of motivation.

Vitamin-enhanced water to the rescue

Add some flavour to your fitness routine. Karma Wellness Water, with its five delicious flavours – raspberry-guava jackfruit, orange-mango, acai-pomberry, passionfruit-green tea and pineapple-coconut – offers essential vitamins. This health drink is naturally sweetened with a pinch of natural cane sugar and mostly with the natural and low carb stevia. The end result is both natural and only 20 calories in an entire 532 mL bottle.

Karma Wellness Water is first and foremost natural spring water. The vitamins contained in the proprietary KarmaCap do not lose any of their potency, as they are added to the water only upon consumption. Generally, water-soluble vitamins lose up to 50% of their beneficial effects after 90 days, due to exposure to UV rays, oxygen and heat. Our KarmaCap technology, consisting of a hermetically sealed cap, enables the vitamins preserved in powder form to be released in the water with the push of a button. Now all that's left is to gently shake the bottle, and your drink is ready.

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