5 summertime ways to support a favourite charity

(NC) -- There are many ways to make a contribution to the charity that's closest to your heart. We spoke with Hala Al-Madi, events coordinator for the human rights organization Amnesty International, who passed on a few ideas for getting outdoors to help a cause:

• Get permission to set up a table at a fair or festival to hand out information about your charity and raise awareness of their work. Some organizations like Amnesty have petitions on important issues that you can ask passersby to sign.

• Run. Most towns and cities have fun-runs and marathons in the warmer months. You can take part in a five kilometre run, or a marathon if you have the energy, and get people to sponsor you to raise funds.

• Don't want to run—then take a hike. Embark on a long-distance walk and ask your family and friends to pledge a toonie per kilometre.

• Get busy in the kitchen. Host a dinner party or a barbecue party and invite people to donate to your favourite charity what they might pay for a nice meal in a restaurant. Or on the lighter side, turn a relaxing ritual like your tea or coffee break into an opportunity to gather others, and invite them to donate to your charity of choice.

• Hold a garage sale—or be more ambitious and organize a neighbourhood-wide garage sale with a portion of the proceeds going to a good cause. Set up a baking and drink stand in your yard and offer refreshments in exchange for a donation.

Al-Madi said that this is just the tip of the iceberg and plenty of other ideas can be found online at amnesty.ca/raisemoney or by writing to Amnesty International, 312 Laurier Ave E Suite 500, Ottawa ON K1N 1H9.


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