Revitalize your outdoor space this summer

(NC) – Love sitting on your deck or patio, taking in the sunshine, but wish you could revitalize your deck to make it look new again? Resurfacing your deck or concrete is easier than ever with Behr Premium Textured DECKOVER coating. This innovative solid colour coating brings new life to old wood and concrete, and comes in a new textured finish that your family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

This budget friendly solution goes above and beyond standard deck coatings by adding a substantial layer that dries four times thicker than conventional stains, resulting in a textured, slip-resistant surface. It covers splinters and fills cracks up to 6 mm (1/4”) plus comes in an expansive range of 54 colours, ranging from traditional Redwood to Pewter or Colony Blue.

Textured DECKOVER's smooth predecessor, Behr DECKOVER, was launched last year and the success led Behr to develop more, including the all-new ready-to-use Behr Premium DECKOVER Cleaner, ideal for cleaning and brightening areas coated with DECKOVER. The new product readily removes dirt, grease, mildew and household stains from DECKOVER coated surfaces and is easy to use with no mixing required. Now there's no worry about your kid's dirty shoes or your dog's muddy paws. Behr's Premium Wood Coatings line, including all DECKOVER products, is available at The Home Depot.


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