Seniors: How to Help If You Live Out-Of-Town

(NC) -- Last year's ice storm put many out-of-town relatives of Toronto seniors on edge.

Images and news reports of power outages and extreme weather added to the worry factor for those whose only information was what was seen in the media. Not knowing about the health and safety of their loved ones, or how to find local community resources, added a level of concern for family and friends who watched the ice storm from a distance.

This year, however, a new online site lets out-of-town family members provide this type of help and support. Offered by the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre, the site,, is a one-stop-shop which gives specific information about services that seniors may require in times of need.

“Worrying about elderly loved ones who are separated by distance is a concern for many of us,” says Julia Oosterman, the director of communications and stakeholder relations at Toronto Central CCAC. “Being able to log on to a single, comprehensive portal will put our loved ones' minds at ease.”

The site provides local information that can be searched by entering a postal code, or by location. As well, users can request specific, targeted data by narrowing their search from 20 kilometres down to three kilometres and even find services within a one kilometre radius. The website also links to the Caregiver Exchange which focuses on services that support caregiving across Ontario. This feature helps out-of-town family members put caregiving support in place for their loved ones as well. More information is available at


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