How to create memorable moments with your kids

(NC) -- When was the last time you looked into your kids' eyes, or just lay on the ground and laughed?

In a world of agendas and day timers, many parents find it helpful to block off time just to “be” with their kids. We must all schedule that time, and stick to it. Here are five ways to make it happen:

A half-day trip: Find a nearby place to hike or picnic. Even if it's only 30 minutes from home, you can't run any errands while you're there.

Classic movie night: Don't forget the pizza or popcorn. It feels like a party, and you can talk about the film while you're tucking them in.

Experience a new culture: Plan a meal together from a different part of the world, even if it's as simple as Italian. Have them learn something about the country to share at dinner.

Learn something together: Book a window to learn something new, like how lightening works, or how kids stay healthy when living in poor parts of Africa. For this, the site,, is an interesting source to discover together.

Make the most of driving time: Download a funny book to play then laugh your heads off en route to swimming. Or come with crazy questions to ask them (“What's the muddiest you've ever been? What wild animal would you least want for a pet?”)

Don't worry if magic doesn't happen every single time. Your kids will feel special knowing that they're top priority, not just as you feed, clothe and drive them, but as you plan your fun times, too.


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