8 Easy Mistakes That Will Destroy Your E-Cig

When you are new to any hobby, you are bound to make mistakes. Cyclists fall, guitarists break strings, and sculptors crack their creations in the kiln. The same goes for vaping: Fledgling vapers will inevitably make a mistake that will waste e-juice, fizzle their atomizers, or crack their casings. Fortunately, there have been hundreds of thousands of vapers before you, and with any luck, you will learn from their mistakes and avoid busting your e-cig after your first fill.

1. Filling Your Tank Incorrectly

Like your car’s gas tank, there is a right way and a wrong way to add juice to your vaporizer. Different tanks will have different fill instructions; for example, standard clearomizers must be filled from the top, but bottom-coil clearomizers must be filled from the bottom. Other rigs might even have certain fill tubes for you to use. No matter what, if you add e-juice to the wrong component, you could irreparably damage the delicate workings of the tech, so you should ask a professional before attempting to fill your e-cig on your own.

2. Overfilling Your Tank

Incorrectly filling your tank could lead to flooding in the rest of the e-cig, letting e-juice leak into pieces of the device that are better left dry. Flooding doesn’t always mean an immediate end to your rig — usually, if you catch the mistake quickly and clean everything off, you should be able to continue using your vaporizer. However, you should avoid making flooding a habit.

3. Letting Your Tank Run Low

Even if it looks and feels like you still have e-juice in your tank, your vaporizer might not be full enough for proper use. Just like cars run poorly on fumes, your vaporizer works better when it is full. When the e-juice falls below a certain level, the rig will dry out and burn.

4. Pulling Too Soon

You might notice a repellant burnt taste every time you refill your vaporizer. This occurs because you didn’t allow the e-juice to soak into the wick, and with your first drag, you burned the atomizer and e-juice. It only takes about three to five minutes of wait time after filling for your e-cig to be ready for use. It is certainly worth the wait to have an immaculate vaping experience from the first pull.

5. Extending Your Drags

Just because you have enough lung capacity to inhale longer on your e-cig doesn’t mean you should. Longer drags overwork the atomizer inside your vaporizer, damaging the delicate heating elements and ruining your device. There are some modified vaporizers that allow vapers to take extra-long pulls and produce mammoth clouds of vapor, but usually, these rigs are designed specifically for that purpose. Called cloud chasers, vapers with these devices are highly knowledgeable about the workings of e-cigs, and many of them compete to produce the largest, densest plume possible.

6. Leaving Your E-Cig On

All the time your e-cig is on, the heating elements are warm and the juice inside is cooking. By failing to turn your vaporizer off when you aren’t using it, you are asking for a burnt-up rig. However, turning your e-cig off might not even be enough; just as phones make ghost calls when carried in pockets and bags, your e-cig may turn on without you knowing it. To ensure you don’t break your vaporizer when you aren’t touching it, you should have a safe way to carry your e-cig, like on lanyard or in a carrying case.

7. Not Charging Your Battery Properly

Vaporizers and smartphones are similar devices: Both are beloved by their owners, both are used frequently every day, and both usually rely on delicate rechargeable batteries that require specific care. The difference is running your e-cigarette on a weak battery produces at least a sub-standard vaping experience and at worst a burnt-out vaporizer. Before you take your vaporizer anywhere, you should make sure it is running on full charge. Additionally, you should avoid charging your e-cig only halfway, which could damage the life of the batteries.

8. Forcing Anything Together

As with any mechanical device, you should never have to use excessive force to put your vaporizer together or take it apart. Designers work hard to make assembly quick and easy, and usually parts should twist or snap together with moderate finger strength. If you feel the need to resort to tools and excessive force to attach or remove pieces, you are likely trying to accomplish an impossible task. Before you break anything, you should ask advice from a professional.


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