Why Are My Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

For many lens wearers the easiest part of the whole process is being able to buy contacts online from discount contact lens sites like Lens.com, and one of the most difficult parts comes from actually wearing the lenses. From time to time contact lens wearers may experience discomfort on a varying scale, and it is figuring out the source of this discomfort that can be a little tricky. In general, if you are feeling irritation of any kind after inserting a contact lens immediately remove it to prevent the situation from getting worse. In many cases your lens may just need a thorough cleansing to wash away any particles, or the discomfort could be pointing to something a little more serious. Either way, there are definite signs that can help you determine your next steps.

Minor Irritation & Dry Eyes

Discomfort and irritation can come in many different forms, but some of the most common are redness, blurred vision, or the constant sensation that something is in your eye. This type of minor irritation or pain usually points to an ill-fitting lens. Your contact lenses are designed to fit the unique shape of your eye, so if there is even a slight error in the measurements on your prescription you can experience some friction from the lens rubbing against your eye which can then lead to abrasions if left untreated. A visit to your eye doctor for an examination and new prescription will solve this issue.

Dry eyes is another frequent problem for contact lens wearers. Besides feeling dry, your eyes may also feel tired as a result of not producing enough tears or moisture. While this could be a preexisting condition from other factors, it will also make wearing contact lenses pretty uncomfortable. A quick fix for this are lubricating or rewetting drops that can be recommended by your eye doctor.

Allergens & Infections

Another minor cause of irritation is allergens. Depending on the season, allergens found in nature can stick to the contact lens itself causing discomfort in the form of redness or dryness. A daily cleaning routine can help to remove any allergen accumulation, so if you are suffering from these symptoms simply remove your lenses for a thorough cleaning with contact solution.

While these common causes for discomfort are more on the mild side, there is the possibility where discomfort can result in infection which in turn, can have more serious consequences. For instance any discharge from your eye could point to infection, so contact your eye doctor immediately if this occurs. Swollen eyes could also be the result of something more serious, so remove your lenses as soon as you experience any of these symptoms. Good cleaning habits that are practiced daily before lens insertion and after removal will help to prevent irritation, but whenever any discomfort is felt it is a sign that something is wrong and your contact lenses need to be examined by you or your eye doctor.


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