Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy with an Orthopedic Bed

There is a list of bone infirmities in dog breeds that can make life truly miserable. Many dog breeds, especially larger dogs, suffer from an onslaught of diseases and infirmities as they age. Nutritional deficits, bone tumors, accidents and injuries from unknown causes, and congenital bone defects can all contribute to your dog’s discomfort, and if not properly treated, these conditions can considerably shorten the life span of your furry pal. Aside from relying on costly veterinary visits, there are some proactive actions that you can take at home to make sure your dog lives a healthy and pain-free existence for as long as possible.

Make sure to invest in the proper food for your pet. Some dog food can cause chronic health issues all through a dog's life, including but not limited to itching, hot spots, oily hair, dry hair, excessive shedding, ear infections and throat problems, loose stool, and gassiness.

The wrong type of vaccination or too many vaccinations can be problematic, as well. Aluminium, thimerosal, and animal proteins found in many vaccinations can lead to secondary health issues. Over-vaccination has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease in dogs and many contaminants found in vaccines can cause auto-immune issues. Be sure to seek a second opinion before committing to any vaccinations.

Invest in a proper dog bed. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to congenital defects and hereditary characteristics such as bone displacements than other breeds of dogs, and one of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is to invest in an orthopedic dog bed — especially one designed for a specific breed.

One thing to do is make sure the dog sleeps in one of the best orthopedic dog beds available. A quality dog bed should be custom made to accommodate your dog’s breed and size in order to preventbone-related pain from hip dysplasia, disc disease, Osteochondrosis, elbow disease and numerous other canine skeletal issues.

Some of the signs that your dog may have some bone issues and pain are swelling in an extremity, including the spinal areas, fever, decreased appetite, depression, lameness, does not want to move, whining, or crying on movement. According to the orthopedic dog bed experts at Mammoth Outlet, if you notice these signs, it is probably time to invest in a quality dog bed and to seek a veterinarian.

A quality built dog bed with an orthopedic dog bed pillow is a necessary purchase to help keep your dog safe and sound. This purchase in itself may contribute to cut the risks of future bone issues, even if the dog displays no current bone problems or pain. While you will, of course, want to take your dog to the vet right away to find out what the problem is, but an investment inone of many vet recommended dogs beds from Mammoth Outlet is one thing that can be done at home to assure the dog remains comfortable.

The right dog bed should not only be comfortable, but durable enough to withstand the stretching and rolling your large dogs are sure to do. Mammoth Outlet beds are made from high-strength materials such as canvas, Cordura, or micro-fibers. Also make sure the product's materials are stain resistant, water repellent, and mildew resistant for the safety of your dog. As an added assurance make sure the dog bed company you are buying from is invested in your pooch — make sure they been in business for several years, love pets, have affordable products, and are committed to producing only the best products available for your pet. Follow these tips, and your dog will live a happy and healthy life.


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