What It Means When Your Dog Keeps Yawning

You might think it's cute when your dog yawns while you're walking in the park or going for a drive, but when it comes to decoding doggie body language, a yawn doesn't necessarily mean what you think it does.

According to animal behaviorist Dr. Jill Goldman, dogs that excessively yawn and lick their lips are actually trying to signal to their owners that they are feeling anxious or their patience is running out.

Of course, it is also important to note that sometimes a yawn is just a yawn. As Dr. Travis points out in the video above, sometimes your dog will yawn while you are on the couch in a calm environment. That yawn is quite different from the yawns that occur at the vet or after a long day of running around.

If your dog suffers from severe anxiety, you might want to consider consulting a veterinarian for medications. For milder cases, Pet Care RX recommends comforting your dog with exercise and clothing.

For more tips on decoding your dog's body language, follow this guide from dog expert Cesar Milan.



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