German Model Myra Hills Boasts Largest Fake Breasts

“Wonders shall never end” is a very popular saying and latest news making the rounds simply goes on to validate this very old adage. The world has been home to so many strange and bizarre stuffs to the point that nothing surprises anybody anymore. So how was it that a German model was able to shock people all over the world with just her breasts?

A lot of body enhancements have been done by humans over the years and this art has been perfected lately with help from plastic surgeons. Most of these bodily enhancements have all been made with some form of moderation attached. It is therefore surprising to find out that Myra Hills went the whole mile by pumping her breasts with chemicals to the extreme. She currently holds the record for the largest fake breasts. She has altered her breast to the extent that she now has a bra size of 32Z which makes even the Guinness World Record of 48V as the largest natural breasts look very small and normal.

In a world where plastic surgeons are now able to totally alter the sexuality of a particular individual, nothing should amaze us anymore. However, this German model has been able to take the world by surprise with her fake breasts. As far as the world continues to evolve, such daring acts will continue to be experienced on a daily basis.


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