Myths About Aging Revealed

There are many prejudice attached to elders, that are part of our reflected consciousness. They are mix of facts and imagination. We can see many difficulties of older people, such as: economic insecurity, changes in family structure, diseases, violence and isolation. Prejudices they face every day make their social life harder and are risks in developing loneliness and depression. We all carry them in our minds but are they true?

1. Myth that says people should expect that their mental and physical abilities will drop by age is part true but we can beat it with all kinds of activities and habits.  Proper health education can help in making them.

2. "Most older people have similar needs." This is not true at all because we are special and our individual characteristics increase by age.

3. "As people grow old, they don't like company." Although older people appreciate having quality time for themselves, they enjoy company of others. People are very sociable beings and have need to talk, laugh and do some activities with their family and friends.

4. Most people believe that they are too old to make a contribution to world of culture and science and that those are predicted for young people but there is no limit. In fact, older people can be more dedicated and persistent in learning new skills or getting job done. It can also be good for their mantal health because they will get a chance to express and show themselves to society.

5. "Old people are boring." Many of us believe that if we start talking to someone older he will suffocate us with his stories but the truth is that those people passed many phases in life and they can teach us some valuble lessons and give us some gold advices. Also elders can be interesting coversationalists because they made peace with their flaws and they often don't care about what other people think.

Each one of us is precious and unique. Everyone deals with aging its own way and adapts to the best of his knowledge. We should be more aware of that.


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