The Link between Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders

There was a very interesting report released this year that talked about 'drunkorexia.' If you have not heard of this term yet, it is basically a mix of the words drunk and anorexia. Even though this is not a medical term, it is a term that refers to a very interesting and sad situation that is taking place throughout the United States and around the world at an increasing rate. This problem was mentioned in Beneden's National Health Report 2016. It pointed to the fact that more and more individuals are not eating healthy meals in order to save calories in order to consume alcoholic drinks. It is no wonder why more and more individuals are interested in learning about short term drug rehab in Palm Beach, FL.

Of course, any healthy diet is going to require an individual to seriously look at the calories they are consuming and then prioritize them. However, in an effort to have better health, most individuals are going to save their calories for foods that contain necessary nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and other beneficial substances. It is becoming more and more common for individuals to replace meals with alcohol. In that same study that was mentioned above, there was also an interesting statistic that showed that many young adults only consume healthy meals because they want to look good, not for their overall well-being.

There is definitely a link between eating disorders and addiction, either to alcohol or drugs. When an individual enrolls in a detox program, either short-term or long-term, the licensed professionals who work in the program are going to try to help the addict get to the bottom of their addiction. They're going to consider the emotional reasons why they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They're also going to try to examine triggers and find ways to help these individuals to overcome their problem.

In the past, it was a lot harder for individuals who were experiencing an addiction to get the help they needed. Individuals who were dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction were usually viewed in a negative light. However, as more people have talked about the problem and more light has been shed on addiction, it is becoming something that is easier and easier to a talk about. Instead of being looked at in a negative light, individuals who have a problem and get help are viewed as strong individuals who are beginning their road to recovery.

All recovery processes start off with the addicted individual admitting their problem. No matter how hard family members and friends may try to help, it is not until the addicted individual is ready that any real long-term success can be seen. Since individuals usually have some kind of underlying reason for their addiction, this problem needs to be addressed. And this problem cannot be addressed until the addict is willing to examine the reasons for their addiction and face them.

Something that has been very helpful in seeing celebrities and other popular individuals who are battling addiction as well as eating disorders. Many famous musicians and actors have decided to share their problem and start talking about it with others. They have written books, created blogs, gone on talk shows, and done a variety of other things in order to educate people out there about how addiction has affected them and how they were able to get on their road to recovery.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that when an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol and they have an eating disorder, they are seriously affected in a negative way. And there is no doubt that their family members, friends, coworkers, and the other individuals around them are negatively affected as well. When an addict realizes the negative impact their addiction is having on their health and on their family, it may be just what they need in order to begin taking taking steps to recover.

It is extremely important for individuals to understand just how dangerous alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and eating disorders really are. Many individuals have experienced health problems that are so serious that it has led to their death. And many individuals do not get control of their addictions and disorders until they are already experiencing a serious health problem. The importance of getting help cannot be overstated. Thankfully, there are detox centers out there to help individuals in this situation. Many caring, qualified individuals work in these centres and have helped many overcome their addictions.


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