Three Costly Things To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle

Let's face it: motorcycles are cool. They look cool, they sound cool, and most people riding them ARE cool. If you've dreamt about owning a motorcycle for years, there couldn't be a better time to buy one. There are a huge range of different models available these days to suit the needs of every rider. Plus, more and more dealers are specialising in vintage bikes, so that 1960s Harley could actually be yours someday. However, buying the bike itself is one thing. The excess costs are another completely. Motorcycles are powerful modes of transport that years of craftsmanship goes into manufacturing, so add up the cost of things before jumping head first into parting with your money.


You might have heard the phrase 'all the gear, no idea'. When you own a motorcycle, it's definitely better to have both! No one really needs telling that you need to buy a helmet if you're planning on riding a motorcycle. But, there are other aspects of your riding kit that don't tend to come cheap. After all, your safety is paramount, so it's best not to skimp on protective gear. Motorcyclists don't just wear leather for that 'Hell's Angels' look. In fact, leather is the most protective material you can wear on a bike as it is thick and durable. Certain types of leather jackets have been developed that allow body heat to be regulated too, so you won't overheat if you're riding in the sun. Specialist motorcycle boots and gloves are also highly recommended if you're serious about your safety.


Unfortunately, as with any road vehicle, motorcycles are often considered high risk for accidents. Your age and current driving record alone will not be enough to determine the cost of your insurance. Many other things will also be taken into account, such as the model of the bike, the theft rate of that model, the area you live in etc. You will also need to consider what you will do should the worst happen and you are involved in a fall or collision. Missing out on vital work hours and therefore money is no fun for anyone, so take a look at Motorcycle Crash Accident Claims FAQ. Depending on the extent of the incident and injury, you may be able to claim compensation for any financial losses as well as the injury itself.


Bikes require much more frequent maintenance than cars do. Generally, it is advised that four-wheeled vehicles are serviced every 10,000 miles, or at least once a year. Depending on the model of your motorcycle, you could be required to have it serviced every 3000 miles. If you need an engine valve adjustment performing, this service could cost you around $800. Other smaller maintenance jobs, unfortunately, don't come cheap either. Chain replacements can cost around $140 and you will need to change your oil frequently too. Tyres are one of the most expensive parts of owning a motorcycle, with a set costing you anything between $400 and $600 dollars. Motorcycles can be a great way to travel and a great culture to be a part of, but be prepared for the financial side of it too.


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