Things to consider while planning to move

We all may face move due to various reasons: pursuing business opportunities in another city, starting education, getting married or moving out from family house. Reasons may be numerous but the aim is the same – finding reliable moving service and make sure all our belongings were delivered on time and intact.
Moving process always requires our undivided attention as so many details should be taken care of. In this case, services of expert and skilled movers are invaluable and that is what makes Orange County Long Distance Movers best in their field. Long distance relocation won’t cause any problems and you will continue taking care of personal important issues while real professionals will pack all your belongings – fragile and bulky items and carefully deliver them to your new place. Apart from moving itself there are a lot of nuances that should be taken into consideration as may turn out to be costly and cause difficulties if not discussed with movers in advance. Among them are:

  • Packing and unpacking services are often considered as additional service and requires extra payment. This includes disassembly or reassembly of your bulky and large furniture, packing mirrors and other fragile stuff. Without any questions it is possible completing this task without professional assistance but movers usually have all the necessary packing and wrapping materials, equipment, boxes of various sizes and experience. Entrust this assignment to professionals and you can be sure your possessions will be intact upon delivery;
  • Distance and itinerary. It is for sure, that your long distance move will require additional costs for parking, warehouse handling, shuttle and fuel charges. But professionals will help you saving time as they aware of best and shortest routes and familiar with your neighbourhood;
  • Special equipment. It is hard doing everything by yourself as you don’t have necessary equipment like dollies, hoisting straps, ramps, pallet jack, trucks and many more. So don’t waste time and hire someone, who has it all;
  • Storage facilities for long-distance move are vital. Your possessions may be safely kept for some time in the carrier’s warehouse, pending further transportation.

All these services should be discussed in advance and ordered, in case you require them.

How to ensure move without stress?

Looking for tips that will allow organizing a stress-free move? Here are top recommendations that will suggest what you have to do:

  • Address and hire only reputable and licensed moving company with great reputation and positive referrals. Make sure the chosen service offers insurance coverage;
  • Get rid of all clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances you no longer need. Give them for charity or organize a sale;
  • Plan your budget and compare offers made by several moving companies. Look for off-peak special offers or other discounts and special offers available;
  • During move keep all legal documents like passports, wills, deeds around you;
  • Make sure all valuable and fragile things packed properly as well as ensured accordingly;

Addressing a reputable moving company is the best decision you can make.


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