Advice For Widowers Considering Remarriage

One of the things that run through the minds of many widowers, after their spouses have been deceased for a while, is the possibility of remarrying.  If you are a widower, who is considering remarriage, you should realize that remarriage calls for more than just getting fantastic wedding dresses from  

In that light, this article gives you valuable information on what you should keep in mind when thinking about remarriage.

Is there a standard waiting period before remarrying?

The question of how long one should wait before remarrying after their partner’s death depends upon several factors. While some authorities suggest that you should wait at least one year after your spouse’s death before making any significant decision like remarrying, sometimes you may find it okay to remarry after only a few months.

Moreover, resolving other family issues, like children-related issues, may take even several years, thereby influencing when to remarry.

What do you do if there are children involved?

If either of you or both you, and your prospective spouse have children, there are things you should do before remarrying to ensure you have a harmonious family relationship. They include:

  • Introducing your potential partner to your kids as early as possible. If possible, all the kids in both families should know each other before the announcement of any marriage plans.

  • While the feelings of grown-up children about your remarriage must be considered, the ultimate decision to remarry must be made by the two of you for the best interests of everyone.

  • Before entering into a marriage where young kids are involved, it is advisable to talk to a trusted friend about your concerns. Never let the present pain of your spouse’ death make you get into a new marriage that will jeopardize the welfare of everyone involved.

How do you handle financial issues in a remarriage?

The issue of money is one of the deadliest things that can jeopardize a marriage. Therefore, before finalizing your remarriage, the following issues must be examined and resolved:

  • There should be a clear understanding of how money will be divided, especially if one of you has more money than the other.

  • Establish a definitive plan on how you’ll spend money on yourselves, you kids’ needs, as well as entertainment.

  • There should be a well-laid plan on savings and other investment accounts. In fact, the actual plans and ownerships of these accounts need to be comprehensively described in a prenuptial agreement.

If you or your spouse are considering  a new career that may even require more education, such as Maryland EMT training, make sure to lay all this information out on the table for discussion.

What about sexual compatibility?

The level of sexual satisfaction achieved by both of you is one of the integral features of any marriage.  As such, if you’re considering remarriage, you should discuss your level of sexual interest with your potential partner. It can be very frustrating for an individual who had an active sex life to marry someone with little interest in sensual intimacy.

Where Will You Live?


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When it comes to the issue of living arrangements, you should work out a plan that will be satisfactory to both of you. These questions should guide you:

  • Will you live in your home or move to your partners?

  • Will you sell your individual homes and jointly buy a new home?

  • Will your partner’s children live with you?

  • With you acquire new furniture for your home?

Final Thoughts

Remarriage is not a must for everyone who has lost their spouse. Nonetheless, if you’re considering remarriage, you should remember that you’ll never get a partner exactly like your first. Furthermore, read and internalize the above information as this will ensure that your new marriage turns out successful.

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