Top 4 Questions Professional Party Planners Always Ask

You have an event coming up that call for professional party planning. Since you’ve never called upon a professional to plan a party before, you may wonder what sort of questions will be asked. Here are four of the key questions you can expect to be part of that first conversation.

1 - What’s the Event?

There are many different types of celebrations that you could be planning. In order to have an idea of what sort of direction to take, the party planner needs to know what your event is all about. Are you planning an anniversary celebration for your parents? Perhaps this is a corporate event designed to honour a client who has been with the company for quite a few years. From birthday parties to retirement events, there are different ideas that will make the celebration successful. From the moment you tell the planner what sort of event is coming up, the professional will have an idea of what direction to take.

2 - How Many are Coming?

The best party planners know that every aspect of the event must ensure there is enough food, drink, seating, and other basics for every invited guest. Until you provide a figure, the planner will have no idea of how much of everything needs to be ordered.

Your best response is to use the number of invitations sent for the event. A planner will take that figure and add slightly to it in order to ensure there is enough to go around. Once the head count is established, it will be much easier to move on to the next phase of the planning.

3 - What Does the Guest of Honour Like and Not Like?

It pays to draw on the likes and dislikes of the guest of honour in order to establish a theme. Since the whole point of the gathering is to celebrate some special event, you want the person who is the center of attention to be happy.

Perhaps the event is a special evening in honour of an employee who is retiring. Since you happen to know that person prefers casual to formal events, you would want to pass that information on to the planner. The result will likely be a buffet coupled with music the employee enjoys and casual attire so everyone can relax and be comfortable.

4 - What’s the Venue?

Where the event will be held is almost as important as what sort of celebration you are planning. It doesn’t matter if the event is a special birthday celebration or something that calls for company party entertainment ideas related to a milestone in the life of the business, the planner needs to know how much space is available, if there is a kitchen adjacent to the rooms that will be used, and what sort of waitstaff must be hired for the occasion.

Party planners will take the information you provide and create an event that everyone will enjoy. Be prepared to answer these and other questions, or at least to find the answers as quickly as possible. Once the planner has all the data needed, stand back and watch the professional work his or her magic.


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