Want to be more social? These three tips show you how

Many adults struggle with social anxiety or discomfort. If you find yourself to be uncomfortable or uneasy in social situations, you may want to take the time to improve your social skills and confidence. No matter what point you are at in your life, there are several things you can do to improve your social interactions with other people. Remember that being social is a learned behavior. Even if you feel awkward, shy, or unattractive, there are many ways you can improve these feelings. You can achieve confidence with the right attitude and work ethic. It's just going to take you awhile.

1. Practice talking to people

One of the best ways to become more social is to practice speaking with people in your everyday life. Chances are that you go out several times each week. Maybe you go to work or the grocery store. Perhaps you stop and buy gas at the same gas station. When you go out and you have the chance to make small talk with someone, go ahead and put your best foot forward. Even if you don't usually speak to people you encounter while shopping, working, or running errands, speaking with new people offers quality practice for improving your social abilities. You don't have to say anything especially clever or intelligent. Instead, just focus on exchanging basic pleasantries and then move on with your day. This simple exercise will quickly improve your confidence when it comes to speaking with new people.

2. Attend local community events

No matter where you live, community events are an incredible way to interact with other people in your area. Your community might offer town clean-up days where you can interact with other people who care about the environment. You might discover that your town offers free classes on a variety of subjects, such as cooking, cleaning, computers, or language. Your town might even put on carnivals or city-wide garage sales. These are all excellent places to meet new people and connect with others in your community.

To find out about community events in your area, you can visit your local chamber of commerce, community center, or town hall. The city clerk also tends to have information on local events that you can be a part of. When you attend an event, remember that the goal of getting together with people in your community is to enjoy spending time together and to grow closer together as a community. Don't worry if you don't immediately meet a new best friend. That's not the point. The purpose of attending these events is so that you can practice speaking to people, getting to know new people, and connecting with others in your community.

3. Join an online community

Consider signing up for an online community where you can meet other people. You can use an app or a website. What matters is that you reach out to like-minded individuals and connect with people who can understand who you are, what you're going through, and what's important to you. Websites like Flirtfair are designed for people looking for a romantic connection, but you can also join a website that features your favorite hobby or activity. The possibilities are endless. Once you join, make sure you actively participate in the community you become a part of. Always be polite and attentive when you interact with people online. Remember that cyber bullying is very serious, so it's important to be kind and honest with the people you talk with.

Finally, remember that with any new skill, learning how to improve your social abilities and connect with other adults can be tricky. Be patient with yourself and remember to give yourself plenty of room for growth. Try to avoid becoming too frustrated if you struggle to open up socially after your first couple of events. Each new skill has a learning curve, and moving from being shy to outgoing can be difficult. Just remember to do your best and to keep trying. As you practice your social skills, you'll find that you're soon able to talk with new people, start up conversations, and converse with new and interesting people you otherwise wouldn't have met.


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