Top 5 Best RV Campgrounds in Canada

Since Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass, it naturally has a large number of excellent RV and camping locations.

Embarking on an RV trip will require you to prepare and plan your trip carefully, which Outdoorsy can certainly help you with, and part of that preparation will involve you having to choose which specific campgrounds to travel to and stay at.

Here are the top five best RV campgrounds in Canada, presented in alphabetical order:

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

What stands out the most about Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario os the turquoise waters in Georgian Bay, which is perfect for kayaking or canoeing. But even if water sports are not your think, you will still like the excellent hiking trails that lead you deep into the forest and that have some excellent picnic spots.

Forillon National Park, Quebec

Forillon National Park in Quebec is another great Canadian RV campground because of its easy access to a number of different activities. From the campground itself, there’s just a fifteen to twenty minute walk to a swimming pool, recreational center, the ocean for snorkeling or boating, and a pebble beach. The park is located around seven hundred kilometers from Quebec City.

Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick

This national park in New Brunswick is filled with excellent beaches, lagoons, waterways, salt marshes, and forest rails for hiking. It is located on the eastern shore of New Brunswick, and is an approximate one hour drive from Moncton. Along the way, there will be beautiful and memorable scenery for you to enjoy.

Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

Bison can be found in great abundance at and near Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan province. The Red Deer Campground in particular has immediate access to beaches and hiking trails. Many campers come here for the water activities because this is a great spot to go kayaking or canoeing. The park is around a two hour drive from Saskatoon.

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

If your main goal for your Canadian RV trip is to view lots of wildlife, you will definitely want to highly consider Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. This park is filled with a wide variety of different species of animals who flourish in the forests and nearby prairies. You’ll also get to enjoy incredible scenery while you’re at it, including waterfalls, vast lakes, and majestic snowcapped mountains. The park is located two hundred and seventy kilometers south of Calgary, so you’ll get a fun road trip in while you’re at it.

The Best RV Campgrounds In Canada

While Canada is filled with a nearly unlimited number of excellent RV camping spots, the five that we have just covered should be the first five on your radar when planning your trip. At any of them, you are bound to experience a truly fun and memorable trip that you will remember forever.


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