Easy Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Weddings are meant to be personal and meaningful for the people involved. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive and stressful to organise. However, if you don't fancy starting your married life bankrupt and stressed out why not use these easy suggestions on how to add little personalisation to your most special day without breaking the bank.

Pick your favourite foods

A lovely way of making your special day as personal to your and your partner as possible is to pick your most favourite foods for the wedding breakfast.

That means if you love English fish and chips, go for it, or if your mother in law's recipe for ragu is the best you have ever tasted include that on the menu. You can even have a whole selection of all the most favoured food items to treat your guests to in the form of a buffet.

Although, if you are hopelessly romantic, perhaps you will choose the food that you had on your first date, or on the one where you got engaged?

Customise the wedding car

The wedding vehicle is a great place to add some customisation and personalisation to your wedding day. First of all, consider using a vehicle with a special meaning to you. That means if your other half is in the police or fire service, ask if you can get permission to use an official car for a day. Alternatively, if you are marrying on a farm using a tractor or hay truck can be an inexpensive way to add a quaint personal touch.

Although, if you can't get a hold of any of these specialised types of vehicle you can still add some personalised touches by looking into reg transfers and getting a personalised number plate for the car you do use. It's not expensive, and you can choose to have your initials on it, or even you're married name to make the ride to and from the venue extra special

Use your initials in the decor 

Talking of initials, they are a stylish and popular way of including personalisation into your special day. In particular, using them within the decor and theme on things such as invitation and menu can work very well.

Also, you can also create full decor pieces from inexpensive 3D cardboard initials. Paint them in your wedding colours or metallic paints, or fill with fresh flowers for a romantic theme. Remember too that you can even hire lit letters for a more vintage or carnival themed wedding.

Design your own wedding rings

Last but not least for that extra personalised touch on your wedding day, why not go the extra mile and design your own weddings rings? Then you can make them completely meaningful to you and include engraving, dedications, and stones of your choice.

Yes, this may be one of the costlier suggestions, but as you’ll be wearing them every day for the rest of your life, it's probably worth making them as beautiful as possible. Then you won't get super bored or want a new one after a few years. Something that can save you money in the long run!


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