Why You Never Thought of Boxing as a Way to Lose Weight

Is boxing training a good way of getting back in shape? If you have ever asked yourself this question, this article might come in handy. We’ve compiled a list of the most important benefits ensured by this type of exercise.

Needless to say, in order to take up boxing, you will both need proper training and the right equipment. Several reviews on the most popular kicking bags might assist you in finding the right model for your height and weight, but learning to do the right moves might be a bit more complicated.

If you have little to no time or can’t afford to get a studio subscription, you can use online resources like YouTube to get started. Many fitness aficionados make videos about their training, and with their help, you can learn all there’s to know about losing weight with the help of boxing.

Without further ado, we will move on to telling you why boxing can be beneficial for your overall health and training.

It burns calories both quickly and efficiently

According to Antonio Valverde, the owner of Elite City Fitness in NYC, boxing combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In a nutshell, it burns considerably more calories compared to running on the treadmill, consistent jogging, or even dancing.

Due to its ability to boost your metabolism, working out with a heavy bag can burn between 360 and 550 calories per hour. Of course, these figures also depend on your weight and the intensity of your workout. Most people who are out of shape aren’t likely to engage in high-intensity exercise at the beginning of their weight loss journeys. But as their resistance increases, the intensity of their workout sessions also becomes higher.

Some sources suggest that a person weighing 182 pounds will burn approximately 371 calories over the course of forty-five minutes of heavy bag training. If you decide to use a speed bag and a jump rope, as well as spar with other boxers, you could burn as many as 800 calories in just one hour.

Boxing can increase your mental and physical toughness

The more you spar, the more you can actively train your body to fight instead of simply retreating. There’s a common misconception regarding boxing and let’s face it. It’s somewhat scary to try to fend off your opponent’s hits, especially in the beginning. The fight-or-flight response is only natural, after all. However, when you finally learn to take a punch and just get up and stand in front of your sparring partner, your confidence grows.

With this type of exercise, you can train both your mental toughness and your physical resistance. Believe it or not, you’ll become significantly more confident after just three boxing sessions. For a woman, this type of sport can come in handy when you’re trying to defend yourself from an attacker.

As your resistance grows, you will become grittier and will want to achieve your fitness goals in a more efficient fashion. Therefore, you’ll both lose weight and be able to persevere in all of the challenges that life can throw at you.

It’s a combination of resistance training and cardio

If you train with a heavy bag, you’ll notice that the muscles in your shoulders, chest, and back will grow. Every punch you throw at the bag needs to be precise because you need to avoid hurting yourself. Although boxing is, without a doubt, a far cry from hitting the weight room, it can significantly improve your overall power and your upper body strength.

Your physique will become strong and chiseled, and your repetitive movements will result in creating a well-shaped workout for other parts of your body, such as your core, your legs, and your hips.

Boxing is stress relief

While some might argue that boxing can, in fact, have a negative impact on a person’s anger management, it’s the other way around. You can take it out on your heavy bag, whether we’re talking about any frustration you might have from work or various other situations you are trying to handle in your day-to-day life.

Even though this kind of workout can provide positive outcomes for the body and mind of adults, it might not be the best for children. In actuality, both the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend boxing for adolescents and children for fear of injuries. Head and facial ones are particularly common, and there have also been reports of chronic and neurologic injuries.

However, since boxing does offer a plethora of benefits such as self-confidence and self-discipline development, training with a heavy bag is recommended for young boxers instead of actual sparring.

To sum up, boxing can assist you in your weight loss journey, and can also provide numerous other benefits. If you are feeling wary with regard to joining a boxing club or going to a studio, the least you could do is get a speed bag or a self-standing heavy bag that you can practice with in your spare time. Make sure to stay safe and get the right protective equipment for your physical attributes.


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