As Winter Thaw Sets In, You Need A Reliable Plumber!

Winter can wreak havoc on your Toronto home, and especially its plumbing. Hopefully before the freezing winter temperatures arrived you did some winter damage prevention, whether it was the easy tasks like removing outdoor garden hoses or ridding the yard of debris, or a bigger project like hiring someone to do some internal and external waterproofing. But even if you didn’t get around to it before, have a local plumber in Toronto inspect and clean your drains, just to be safe.

Plumbing problems and maintenance needs change with each season. Winter has its especially damaging problems when water and freezing temperatures mix, and insulating pipes can go a long way in preventing problems. Most kitchens are on an exterior wall and the pipes can be exposed to very cold temperatures – for instance, pouring grease down the sink drain is never recommended, however in winter it can be even more problematic.

For many of us, our basements are an important part of the home, where we store memories and keep other valuables. Basements are often home to recreational rooms, bedrooms, laundry, and other functional spaces – even if they are just used as storage and a utility space, flooding can be a serious problem. From the monetary loss caused by damage to furnishings and other items, the loss of use, and the damage it causes your home, water in the basement requires urgent attention. Always make sure you have a plumber in Toronto that provides emergency service, and better yet, take preventative measures by calling a plumber to waterproof your basement in advance of an emergency. 

The installation of a sump pump in a basement is one of the best ways to avoid water build up, so make sure to find a plumber that offers sump pump installation. In addition to a sump pump, which will help in the event of a flood, there are other protective measures that you should consider, like a backwater valve or weeping tiles.


A lot of Torontonians worry about frozen pipes in the winter, but frozen pipes aren’t the only complication caused by the freezing and thawing: moisture can enter your home and basement through cracks in your foundation or walls, blocked downspouts, and poor drainage around your home. To help prevent this, make sure eaves and downspouts are clear, have downspouts direct water away from the home and ensure landscaping creates a slope away from the house for better drainage. There are many ways that moisture can enter a home, causing unhealthy atmospheres that include mould and mildew, but Internal and external waterproofing can help keep your home dry, from the installation of weeping tiles and sump pumps in the basement to fixing and sealing the foundation and exterior walls.  An ounce of prevention can avoid an abundance of complications. Make sure Faucets and other plumbing fixtures are in good working order. Ensure drains are clear and draining freely. Find a good plumber in Toronto to inspect, repair, replace, and install features to keep your home dry and make your life easier this spring!


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