How to Make Portraits Fit For Your Next Photo Album

It would be fair to say that the emergence of smartphones has meant that everyone is trying their hand at portrait photography. Of course, there is a distinct difference between trying your hand and actually producing something worthwhile.

If your portrait photos are going to be suitable for your next photo album, you can't just snap and forget. There is an element of skill in this type of photography and to help you along your way, we have penned today's post which will delve into the topic in further detail.

Don't underestimate the power of accessories

There is definitely a fine line with this first suggestion. On one hand, you certainly want all of the attention to be placed on the subject in question. On the other, accessories can help you with this enormously - but only if you don't overdo it.

When we talk about accessorising, we're not talking about adding as much jewellery as you can possibly fit on their body. Instead, it's all about subtle accessories. This might be in the form of sunglasses or even a floral crown. The aim is to draw slightly more attention to the subject and just give that little bit extra for the eyes to gaze on.

Be wary of the hair-factor

While it is true that a subject's hairstyle is crucially important when it comes to portraits, you still have to be quite wary about it. You have to be careful that the hair doesn't get lost in their face and ultimately covers all of the good parts.

The best method is to make sure that their hair is brushed back, preferably in a manner which keeps at least one side of the neck visible.
Hands can be another problematic body part

We've just spoken about the problems that one's hair can sometimes prompt, but another problematic body part comes in the form of hands. In short, many people just don't quite know what to do with them when presented with a photo opportunity. A lot of the time they will put them in their pockets, or put them in such an awkward position that the photo looks ridiculous.

Instead of the above, one of the easiest ways to navigate the issue is to provide a prop for the model. This might be something obvious like flowers, or it can be something related to the backdrop of your portrait. By doing this, you will relax your subject and make things look a lot more natural than they otherwise would have been.

Bonus tip: Shoot through an object

If you're really looking to add the wow-factor to your shots, don't underestimate the power of shooting through an object. This might be wavy grass if you are in the outdoors, or perhaps even through a window in some environments.

Whilst this might not be a traditional portrait, it does provide something "extra" to your image and at least makes it unique.


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