Motorbikes: Why Wear Protective Equipment

If you’ve recently become a motorcycle owner and you’re thinking of taking a long trip on your two-wheeled vehicle, you need to wear the appropriate protection. In most areas in the United States, but also most countries in the world, the legislation calls for the use of motorbiking helmets at all times.

Even if you were to take a 10-minute trip to a department store near your home, you should still wear your helmet. Of course, the models you might encounter nowadays are not all made the same. What this means is that they can protect you better or worse.

Here are some tips for choosing the right kind of protective equipment if you are a motorcyclist.

The right helmet makes all the difference

One thing that we have to make clear right off the bat is that the helmet cannot protect you adequately if it doesn’t match the size of your head as best as possible. If you want to save money, it might be very tempting for you to get a used helmet, but the likelihood of it fitting your head perfectly is low, to say the least.

Besides that, there are defects that can be disguised easily, which is why you don’t want to wear a used helmet as it might have taken a hit before, and so it might have become less safe to use.

Start by going through the website of several manufacturing brands, one of which you’re considering to get your carbon fiber helmet from. Look at the sizing charts made available by these companies and then match the provided dimensions to the size of your head. Picking a too small helmet is bad because it will make you uncomfortable, and a too big one can be unsafe.

Always wear appropriate clothing

We’ve all been there, whether we like it or not. When the sun’s shining up in the sky and the weather’s downright scorching, the last thing you might want to wear would be a pair of full-length motorcycle pants or jeans. However tempting it might be, do not wear your shorts when you’re riding your bike.

That is why motorcycling apparel is made for the purpose. It’s actually constructed from fabrics that will protect you in the hopefully unlikely event of a fall. For example, many jeans are made from Kevlar, a special material that will not rip off as you stumble on the street.

Wear other types of protectors, too

Not only your head and your legs and arms have to be protected. You also have a spine, and it’s pretty important to you since it is the place where the nerves controlling your body are located. There are two ways of going about things if you also want to protect your back. You can go for a jacket that includes the spine protector, and maybe the brand’s also thrown in some elbow protectors, as well, or you can get one separately. Individual spine protectors work well for when it’s hot outside, and you want to wear a very light jacket and add the spine, knee, and elbow protectors on top of the rest of the clothing.


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