3 Smart back-to-school Wellness Tips

(NC) It can be hard for kids and parents to get used to a new sleep schedule and daily routine this time of year. Check out these tips to keep your body healthy and your energy levels at their peak.

Eat your breakfast. It’s always a good idea to start your day off right with a healthy, nutritious meal. When you skip breakfast, you’re missing out on a lot of great benefits, including maintaining a healthy weight, better appetite control, increased energy and greater concentration. Breakfast also gives you a chance to get in important vitamins and nutrients – such as calcium, vitamin D and fibre – from healthy foods like grains and fruits.

So, how to make a quick and healthy breakfast when you’re on the go? Try these quick and easy ideas:

  • Make oatmeal with milk or a dairy alternative. Top with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Layer plain dairy or plant-based yogurt with your favourite low-sugar cereal and blueberries. Add lean ham and low-fat cheese to a toasted whole grain English muffin.
  • Top a slice of toast with avocado, nut butter and banana or yogurt and peach slices.
  • Blend a breakfast smoothie with dairy or plant-based milk and frozen fruit. Try adding greens, nuts, seeds and protein powder for a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein and fibre.
  • Make your breakfast the night before. Try overnight oats and chia-seed pudding.
  • Keep hard-boiled eggs, whole fruit and trail mix on hand to grab and go.

Try a probiotic. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for your overall health, especially your digestive system. While we usually think of bacteria as being bad for you, the human body is full of them – both good and bad. Probiotics are known as good bacteria because they help keep your gut flora healthy. Regular consumption of probiotics has been shown to help treat and prevent gastrointestinal issues, including acute or antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Think zinc. Zinc supplements — especially the type called “zinc picolinate” — can help maintain your immunity during cold and flu season, especially if you take it as soon as you first start showing any symptoms.

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