4 Reasons to choose Airbnb over a hotel

Do you envision traveling to probably the most costly city in the world; or to an island in the Caribbean, yet still hope to pay reasonable costs for accommodation? Do you envision taking some time off and having direct access to somebody who knows the intricate details of a city you are visiting and who can guide you on what to see and do? Do you envision heading out to a new place but do not like hotel food or the fact that there is a set time to eat or you miss your meal?Well, if any of the answers above is yes, then it is time to try Airbnb.

Traditional lodging options are still open for business. But they tend to offer the same choices over and over again and even raise their charges during---what they consider to be---high demand season. However, all is not lost. There is Airbnb which is quickly becoming an option for many travellers, thanks to the unique experience that is offered and willing property owners that are attracted, by among other things, some little side income. Neal Franckle, a certified financial analyst for over 25 years, explains what Airbnb can achieve for property owners in great details in his blog. According to him, Airbnb is a standout when it comes to thebest and reasonable accommodation for different travelers today.

Airbnb is a network-based-commercial center where property owners with rooms to lease are connected to travellers and people looking for reasonable places to stay for a short while. Airbnb offers a safe and confidential platform for the exchange procedure between the host andtraveler to happen. Asignificant number of the houses and lodging that have been listed at Airbnb belong to individuals who have second summer homes or extra rooms they don’t frequently use.

The following are the advantages or choosing an Airbnb accommodation over regular hotels:

  • With Airbnb, one can lease any  of accommodation, for example, a single room, a sailboat or a complete beachfront estate.
  •  One is also able to get access to more creature comforts, for example, access to a full kitchen washer, dryer and much more. In short, Airbnb redefines what it means to stay in a home away from home.
  • Most rooms are more affordable than what you pay for a traditional inn or hotel. Hotels tend to want to maximize their charges, while homeowners in Airbnd have other reasons like simply having their homes occupied and interacting with peoples from different walks of life. While income is often also a factor, it is not their core source of income, so they usually go with much lower prices.
  • Airbnb also has a rating framework that not only rates the proprietor and visitorbut also the accommodation itself. This helps users of Airbnb know beforehand what to expect when they decide to make the exchange.

So is this the option for the modern traveller? Yes, it is. There are rooms accessible in pretty much every nation or city—which in itself offers an incredible advantage to voyagers who might want to visit regions of the world where there are no hotels to put up in.


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