5 Tips Could Help You Win the Lottery

The lottery is a game which requires a lot of skills, patience and calculations. Persistency, consistency and accuracy can enhance your win in a shortest possible time. Some people say the lottery machine uses a mathematical equation to choose the winning numbers so you will have to know the formula to win. Others also say it is a game for people with luck so how does one make sure like is on his or her side? We’ve all dreamed about winning the lottery and the grand things we would do with our lives if that dream turns into reality.

Archive.boston.com gives a few tips on how to win the lottery…

1. Keep the ticket safe

After buying your ticket, don’t keep it lying around. Treat the ticket like you would treat your money, because that is what it potentially is, a potential billion or million.The worst thing to happen to a lottery winner is when the person can’t find the winning ticket. It is not the player who stakes that wins, it is the lottery ticket that wins, so if you lose your winning ticket and someone finds it, this new person is the winner since he got the winning ticket. NY Times shares the story of a man who misplaced his lottery tickets and was lucky enough to have a stranger return it to him, his ticket later turned out to be the winning ticket.

2. Don't share the news

To keep something this big a secret is impossible. However, just like one rule to the game of chess says "Never announce your move before you make them". The same rule applies to the lottery. Do not tell people about the ticket you bought. If you need to tell someone it shouldn't be a large number of people. Sharing the news could lead people to request for money even before you win.

3. Anticipate and learn the business

Every dream, wish or vision has the propensity to come to pass when we visualize and prepare for it. We begin to live in the moment as if it actually has happened. It is said that human minds cannot tell between things imagined and the things real. Give yourself the benefit of this feeling.After that,go and get some fundamental financial knowledge for yourself. This will aid you to easily weed out true investments as opposed toscams, once you earn the money,

4.Keep itsafe place until you have a plan.

Claim your money and then keep it safe. Lottery players always make the mistake of staking extremely high amounts of money in the lottery, out of their win with very low accuracy. Making lottery wins appear as easy come easy go money. Instead of staking high amounts of money of the lottery hoping to win again, acquire more knowledge about money and how to manage it. Business Insider shares cases of lottery winners who lost it all, their mistakes offer a lot for you to learn from.

5. Make no absurd life-decisions

At this point, it will be very easy and tempting to quit your job. Do not sound the alarm, it is another way of telling people about the money you have. Think deeply about what you want to do after the euphoria of winning passes.


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