Winning the lottery ticket might bring your Ex back

Winning the lottery is a dream come true and often bringsa lot of joy to the winner.However, sometimes it may become more of a curse than a blessingand can cause several issues among families and friends too.In one recent event, a Michigan courtordered the husband to pay his ex-wifeUS$15 millionout of theapproximately US$38 millionwhich he won from the lottery.

The couple got married back in October 2004, but the wife filed fordivorce in September 2011. Shortly before the divorce was granted in 2013, the husband won a mega million jackpot worth US $80 million. After the tax deductions and other formalities, the husband collected approximately $38 million.  Knowing this, the wife demanded a share in his win.

The arbitration process was prolonged due to this odd request and continued for almost three years. During the process, it was also highlighted that the husband had bought several other tickets during their years together. The arbitrator told the court that during the period of their marriage, losses were covered by both the husband and the wife.And the profits or winning must also be equally shared. On the basis of this, the court ordered the husband to pay $15 million.     

The husband appealed the case, claiming that the lottery winning should not be consideredmarital property as the ticket was bought several years after their separation. The court denied his request and agreed with the arbitrator that “property bought between the time period of filing divorce and actual divorce will be considered marital property”.

Similar cases can be found all over Canada. describes some of these cases. Back in 2008, the court ordered a husband and his wife to share equally, their win of US $1 million dollars. The couple got married in 1990 and got divorced seven years later, but were living together. Sometime in 2007, the husband bought a ticket and at night, he visited a store and checked the numbers, unfortunately, at that time he only found 2 matching numbers. 2 days later, his wife visited the store only to find out that they won a whopping $1 million. The wife hid this from husband then she visited the company’s office in Ontario to collect the prize. Unfortunately, she got caught by the company’s agent when she was asked to say where she had purchased the ticket.

She finally agreed to give her husband $300,000 but he demanded more, and she refused to give him any more money. Finally, the husband went to court, and there, the wife was ordered to pay $200,000 more on an equal share basis. The wife also claimed before the court, that the ticket was a gift from her husband. 

The judge. In his final remarks, said that although the ticket was bought by the husband and remained his property, the nature of their relationship encouraged that all property must be shared equally.


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