Common Reasons to Seek the Services of a Dentist

Most people know that they need to see a dentist regularly, but that doesn’t mean they follow through. It usually takes some sort of issue to motivate them enough to make the call and show up for the appointment. If you’ve ever wondered why people get around to deciding that seeing a dentist is just as important as seeing a doctor, here are some examples of what gets them into a dental chair.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

All sort of accidents can lead to teeth that are cracked or broken. A direct hit to the mouth while playing sports is a prime example. A fall may also lead to some damage of the teeth. Any type of impact to the mouth could loosen teeth as well as damage them in some way.

Dentists can often use different methods to save teeth that are damaged. In this case, veneers and crowns can help restore the appearance of the teeth and allow you to keep them for more years. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to remove the damaged teeth. If so, the dentist can help fit you with dental crowns and bridges that will allow you to smile without feeling self-conscious.

Tooth Pain

Waking up with teeth that seem to be throbbing is a sure sign that something is wrong. While you could try different home remedies to ease the discomfort, that won’t address the underlying cause of the pain. The only way you’ll get to the bottom of the issue is to see a dentist.

With an examination, the dentist can identify what’s causing the discomfort. It may be an early warning sign of a developing issue with the teeth or the gums. In that instance, treatment now will do more than alleviate the discomfort. It will also correct the problem and prevent additional damage from taking place.

Swollen Gums

You’re teeth may be fine, but the gums are swollen and tender to the touch. While they don’t hurt exactly, you are aware of the swelling. Since this is not normal, it makes sense to see a dentist and find out what’s causing the problem.

In many cases, some type of infection has set in. It could be a gum infection, or it could be due to some type of infection that begins with the tooth root. In any case, the dentist will be able to discuss treatments with you and settle on the one that does the most good.

Sensitive Teeth

Most of the time, your teeth feel fine. It’s only when you drink something cold that pain seems to run all the way through a tooth or two. It’s gotten to the point that you tend to drink liquids that are lukewarm and only enjoy desserts that can be served at room temperature.

Something is causing the sensitivity. It could be a breakdown in the enamel, or it could be one of several other origins. You can bet that things will only get worse if there’s no type of dental treatment applied. Your dentist will determine why the teeth are sensitive and come up with solutions that you can consider.


Cavities are among the most common of all dental ailments. They tend to start with a small amount of decay and gradually erode more of the tooth. You may not notice the cavity at first, but it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a real problem.

Dentists can assess the extend of cavities and remove the decayed portion. Once that’s done, fillings can be used to replace the decayed material. In some cases, a crown is placed over the area to help restore the look of the tooth. Once the filling is in place, you can chew on that side of the mouth again without anything feeling uncomfortable.

Loose Fillings

Fillings do last for a long time, but they can eventually degrade. It may be due to additional tooth decay or it can be that the materials used for the filling wear away over time. In any event, you’re left with a filling that’s somewhat loose and may pop out at any time.

A trip to the dentist will correct the situation. It’s possible to extract the loose filling and examine the tooth. If practical, the dentist can remove any additional decay and prepare a new filling. Should the tooth be too far gone, there’s the option of extracting it and using an implant or a bridge to fill in the space.

Straightening Crooked Teeth

Straightening teeth is not something that can only be done when you’re a child. If you didn’t have the opportunity to wear braces when you were younger, it’s not too late to do something about the teeth. Today, there are invisible aligners that are harder to detect and will straighten the teeth in two years or less.

A dentist can examine your teeth and determine if aligners are for you. If so, a set can be created that will gradually move the teeth into alignment. By following the dentist’s instructions to the letter, you’ll be amazed at how much better your smile looks.

General Dental Health for You and the Rest of the Family

Parents generally want things to be better for their kids. Choosing to decide as a family to seek out dental care on a regular basis is one way to make things better. By choosing a practice that offers dentistry for kids as well as adults, it’s possible for everyone to enjoy a higher level of dental health. Even as you install responsible dental habits in the kids, you get to improve your habits as well.

Remember that you don’t have to wait for some serious dental issue to develop. You can call a dentist today and arrange for a full dental checkup. Doing so will make it easier to determine if there are any current problems and settle on a course of treatment. In the years to come, action now will prevent quite a bite of pain as well as save money.


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