Media pursues Negative Role -- Pakistan and the World

Man barks at a dog! This impression of media clearly defines the true picture of its role. Though “Burke” termed media fourth pillar of the state yet it has not emerged as a responsible state actor. Media is supposed to be a mirror of a society. But, owing to temptation of commercialism and personal vested interests media is not abiding by its rules and ethics.

There are thousands of channels throughout the world. Each channel has a different plans and policies. Few speak the words of government and a few speaks of words of enemies. Someone has rightly said that virtue is not sell-able vice brings a lot of price. Media presents the whole world sinking in the ocean. It promotes terrorism and commercialism all the time. Inevitably, there are thousands of problems prevailing in every society yet promotion of peace could hardly be seen on our television screens. Take an example of Pakistan. Theoretically Pakistan means a land of pure people but media has shown it a land of terrorist organizations. There are thousands of street terrorists existing in United States and in other European countries but their media has never displayed culture of killings and murders. Unfortunately, wherever in the world a mishap occurs it is presented as Muslims did this or responsible for it.  It is worthwhile to mention here, once there was a report on BBC of which headline was Muslim terrorists attacked on NATO.

Are we peace lovers or terrorist exporters? Certainly Muslims means followers of Islam which means peace then why are we maligned or labeled as terrorist? The same role intentionally or unintentionally has been vitally exercised by Pakistani media. All the day, news of havoc comprised on sensation is appearing on our TV screens while natural beauty and natural resources exist in Pakistan are partially touched. What is the difference between west and east media then?

One the one hand media demands for human values and on the other hand it shows dead bodies laced with bloods and torture marks. Fifty years ago there was a provision in media ethics that dead bodies should not be printed in the newspapers. This provision is whether part of Pakistani media or not but all the day Pakistani media shows dead bodies of the people on the TV which has no doubt created the concept of volatility and insecurity. Psyche of the people has been plundered and they are left in the state of depression and callousness. According to State bank of Pakistan 64 percent foreign direct investment in the country has been nosedived, why investors are frightened of investing in our country? Its answer is crystal clear that at the international level we are regarded as unsafe and most dangerous nation which had also been stated by many investors, companies’ owners and politicians.

It may be fiction for people but it is bitter reality that there is media war throughout the world. Most of the states fund privately owned channels to promote their message. And this is what we happened to see last year.  It was reported that 340$ million would be doled out to Pakistani media just for presenting America as a friend not foe, of which, outcome, came under the knowledge after the commencements of programs like voice of America in which culture of America has been nicely portrayed. On the other hand, programs like Big Boss and Indian dramas had also started appearing on our TV screens.

Not only this, there are plenty of Indian channels that create political and social hype. They used to present Pakistan as the most dangerous enemy of India.  And, NDTV has lagged behind many channels in this regard.

It is time to realize that Media has nothing to do with the politics. It is mirror of a society and it should present what is truth and reality. Last but not the least; Media should also realize its equal responsibility of building a nation rather than criticizing everything for the sake of personal vendetta.


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